Global Educational Horizons Expand with BOOKR Class and BenQ Partnership

BOOKR Class, a leading supplemental educational platform for English language learning, has partnered with BenQ, a premier provider of digital displays and interactive technology solutions, to increase the availability of its interactive educational content globally.

Through this strategic alliance, BOOKR Class’s library of over 1,000 animated books, 5,000 games, and 4,000 flashcards will be accessible via BenQ’s extensive global network of interactive display stores and app marketplace. Learners around the world will now be able to experience BOOKR Class’s engaging and effective English language learning tools through BenQ’s advanced display technologies.

“We’re thrilled to partner with BenQ to further our shared mission of enriching lives through innovative education technologies,” said Dorka Horváth, PhD, CEO of BOOKR Kids. “BenQ’s premium digital devices and global footprint provide the ideal platform to bring BOOKR Class’s immersive learning experience to more students internationally.”

BOOKR Class aims to transform traditional classrooms into dynamic learning environments through interactive storytelling, games, and assessments. On BenQ’s vivid, high-resolution displays, learners can explore BOOKR Class’s content through enhanced visuals and interactivity features designed to encourage participation and collaboration.

Teachers and students alike will benefit from the integrated experience of BOOKR Class’ personalized and adaptive curriculum accessed directly on BenQ’s innovative interactive displays. This integration elevates the learning experience and showcases the power of technology to drive more effective educational outcomes worldwide.For more information on BOOKR Class’ educational platform and partnership with BenQ, please visit BenQ’s website and BOOKRClass

About BenQ Group

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About BOOKR Class

BOOKR Class builds on the power of stories. It is a supplemental educational platform designed to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). It includes a curated selection of engaging, interactive books and games for children between 4 and 14 and a Teacher’s Dashboard for educators.

The growing library, aligned with CEFR and Lexile, consists of 1000+ interactive e-books with animated illustrations, authentic English voice-over, 5000+ games, and 4000+ flashcards. Using the application improves children’s reading comprehension, writing, listening, and communicative skills. 

Besides the app, BOOKR Class provides a Teacher’s Dashboard that tracks overall engagement, reading habits, assignment completion, level progression, and language skill development. Additionally, BOOKR Class incorporates AI-driven features like personalized content recommendations, reading comprehension assessments, and vocabulary enhancement tools to support and enrich the learning journey.