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Using digital interactive books in classroom can have huge benefits for students. They can give foundation for skills such as literacy, social-emotional skills and creativity.

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We know teaching is about loving what we do because it makes a difference.

We started to create educational content in 2018 following some insightful research conducted with our interactive books.
The research showed that the unique BOOKR format successfully engaged children’s attention for a long time. The visual and audio support made reading comprehension easier and more fun for children. So our digital books were ideal to include into an educational environment.

We’ve now designed our interactive books to be suitable for all learning abilities. We want to provide equal opportunity for learning and development for all children – irrespective of ability or socio-economic background.  BOOKR is for everyone.

Our Flagship Product: BOOKR Class

Since then, we’ve published educational apps to a number of international markets. Our flagship product is BOOKR Class which enables educational organisations to be more competitive in today’s digital age.

The 2-in-1 solution helps teachers and students. Students love learning with the high quality library app packed with 1000+ digital books, educational games, flash cards and activities. Our portfolio includes wonderful books created by our educational team to fit the needs of language learners as well as from world-renowned content providers:

And the Teacher’s Dashboard frees up valuable time for busy teachers with real-time progress statistics and book assignments just a click away!

Transforming Youth Education with Innovative TVET Solutions

We are committed to shaping the future by empowering today’s youth. Our focus is on providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their careers and contribute meaningfully to society.

At the heart of our TVET commitment is Customized Curriculum Design, crafting tailored educational paths that align with the unique needs and ambitions of young learners. Our Engaging E-Learning Platforms provide a captivating and immersive online environment, fostering effective knowledge retention among youth.

Real-World Application is a cornerstone, integrating hands-on learning experiences that bridge theory and practice, ensuring readiness for real-life challenges. Our Youth-Centric Approach is all about making learning relatable and motivational for today’s tech-savvy generation, creating enjoyable and effective educational experiences.

We back this with Industry-Backed Expertise, forging partnerships with leaders and experts to keep our TVET content relevant and up-to-date, ultimately enhancing the employability prospects of youth. Together, these elements empower young individuals with practical skills and knowledge for a brighter future.

And the Teacher’s Dashboard frees up valuable time for busy teachers with real-time progress statistics and book assignments just a click away!

BOOKR Class helps us meet students' individual needs. I'm so grateful for this App.


English teacher, Hungary

The teacher assigns books for my daughter in the app. Her English gets better book by book: she can complete the tasks alone and then read the stories to her 3-year-old brother who enjoys them so much too.


parent of two, Spain

We started to implement 20 mins mini-classes every day for a week now using your multimedia, and it worked. My daughter enjoyed it and she has already picked up a nice vocabulary from these modules.


dad of two daughters, France

BOOKR is the digital library that teachers, students and parents have fallen in love with.It transforms tablets and mobile phones to Trojan horses to make students explore the wonderful world of Literature.


school owner, Greece

I didn't even know that reading is fun and cool! I read 21 books in the last months!


10-year-old student, South Korea

There are many reading and literacy programs available in the market, but we wanted to have something different, a new and creative learning platform and this is how we met BOOKR.

Yawar Khan

Leader Edutech, UAE

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