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Let's Go Digital Together

Kids read less and less while becoming more addicted to screens. Publishing houses are urged to move digital but creating reliable children’s content requires a huge investment. BOOKR Kids helps publishing houses to enter the digital space without having to set up their own development team. Following our researched and proven methodology, our in-house team of developers, illustrators, animators and educational professors can digitalise your content to create a fun, engaging user experience that will make your app stand out in the industry.

Full-Service Solution

Our professional team offers a full range of services from app development, interactive digital book production to educational gamification.

Our highly qualified animators can digitalise your print materials, add native narration, text-highlighting and educational games, while our developers create your customized white-label library app.

Once your app is ready, you can distribute your “new” content in the app stores, with pay-per-download or a subscription-based business model. Then sit back and enjoy your new revenue stream!

New Format, Additional Revenues

Increase your revenue streams by digitalising & monetizing your existing content in a new innovative way.

Educational gamification

Boost your students’ reading, spelling and cognitive skills, reading comprehension with uniquely designed interactive games and creativity.

No risk for IP owners

Each interactive e-book is only available in our app – it is not possible to play them outside our ecosystem, nor can the digital experience we create be copied.

Childproof platform

BOOKR is a 100% safe platform with no advertisements in a secured cyber environment. The parental gate makes sure only adults can access the Settings and Purchase options.


BOOKR Kids is a fantastic tool for bringing classic and contemporary, print and digital together, and a perfect way to introduce literature, reading and language learning to kids who are fully digitalized and so reachable only through the screens.


Owner and CEO of Mora Publishing House

BOOKR Kids team obviously knows exactly what the youngest readers and their parents are looking for, and offer the best solution tailored to their needs.


Chairman of the Board and CEO of Albatros Media Group

BOOKR is like hot chocolate on a rainy day. It is the Hygge of EdTech. Wide-eyed curious and wholesome, this is an environment that my Jane (7) can be left with to immerse and sail on, safe from the noisy dopamine hype that dominates children's screen time.


Education Advisor

Entertaining and motivating kids in our digital age is not an easy mission especially not in the classroom. I think BOOKR solves this problem in a very special and effective way.


Founder of World Education Week

The BOOKR team were able to provide an easy to use, scalable, and innovative solution to bring Albert Whitman’s collection of storied titles to families and schools in the form of a multimedia App while protecting our valued intellectual property.


President at Albert Whitman & Company

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