Tinta fresca partners with BOOKR Class: Igniting a Passion for Reading and English Learning in Argentina and Paraguay

BOOKR Kids, the award-winning educational technology startup from Europe, announces its partnership with Tinta fresca, part of Group Clarín in Argentina and Paraguay.

The two tied the knot earlier this spring and already have ambitious plans for bringing BOOKR Class, BOOKR’s English learning and teaching tool to the Argentine and Paraguay market, immersing more and more young learners in the English language and opening doors to youth.

The fundamentals of Tinta fresca’s work align with BOOKR’s core values as well

A common ground over which BOOKR Kids and Tinta fresca first bonded was that they both work with dedication and passion and with the certainty that education guarantees respect for others, diversity of ideas, solidarity, and equal opportunities. 

Tinta fresca is determined to engage students in their learning. Motivate them by capturing their attention with challenging and current proposals, and that is exactly what BOOKR’s digital book format is able to achieve. 

Tinta fresca aims to make them feel they are the true protagonists of their time at school, BOOKR creates interactive storybooks that are designed for children to take part in the story. 

Tinta fresca believes in encouraging teamwork to develop commitment, responsibility in the interaction with others, and respect for differences. The library app of BOOKR Class has a variety of stories that develop essential social-emotional skills such as empathy, mental health awareness, or problem-solving. 

About Tinta fresca

Tinta fresca is the education unit of Grupo Clarín, the leading media group in Argentina and one of the most important in the Spanish-speaking world. With national origin, majority capital, and management, the Group has a presence in print media, radio, and television.

Tinta fresca’s mission is to generate and provide content and tools that help educators to awaken students’ potential. To this end, they placed the student at the center of our initiatives. This necessarily means stopping talking about innovation as something future and taking action with concrete proposals that stimulate students and challenge them to be the protagonists of their learning.

It has been 19 years since Tinta fresca began its journey in the publishing world, with the mission of accompanying teachers in the implementation of current approaches in each discipline.

About BOOKR Kids and its ESL application, BOOKR Class

Launched in 2015 by co-founders Dorka Horvath and Dani Karanyi, BOOKR Kids creates a wide array of interactive eBooks aimed at enhancing the literacy, social and cognitive skills of growing children. The ed-tech company is fast becoming globally recognized for its innovative application of animation, narration, text highlighting and games to immerse young students in a world of fun and discovery to help develop literacy skills and instill a love for reading. 

BOOKR Kids is also responsible for the BOOKR Class Digital Textbook, a breakthrough educational tool that delivers a comprehensive multimedia approach to English As A Second Language (ESL) instruction.