Award-winning BOOKR Kids Signs Multiyear Agreement with US-based Albert Whitman & Co.

BOOKR Kids offers children a wonderful tool for reading: an easy-to-use e-book application. It's filled with fun and interactive stories enriched with professional voice-overs, text-highlighting, educational games and animation to give a more complex reading experience for young readers.
partnership with albert whitman

Attila Gazdag President of AWM and Dorka Horvath CEO and CO-Founder of BOOKR Kids

BOOKR Kids’ unique educational digital publishing platform aroused many publishing houses’ interest in ‘going digital’.

BOOKR Kids has recently partnered with Albert Witman & Company, a prestigious independent children’s publishing company, based in Chicago. The company was founded over 100 years ago and since its inception has published more than a thousand titles selling millions of copies worldwide, including the classic best-seller series The Boxcar Children.

The company, having realized the importance and high potential of digital transformation, has signed a multiyear digital partnership agreement with BOOKR Kids, to develop and operate The Book Club, an innovative multimedia literacy app.

As a children’s publishing company with over 100 years of history, we recognized the importance of making our stories available to new audiences through digital technology.  The BOOKR team were able to provide an easy to use, scalable, and innovative solution to bring Albert Whitman’s collection of storied titles to families and schools in the form of a multimedia App while protecting our valued intellectual property. We have been very pleased with the collaboration

– says John Quattrocchi, President at Albert Whitman & Company

As part of the agreement, Albert Whitman & Co. has outsourced the entire digital production process to BOOKR Kids, from interactive book production to app development. As a result, AWCO’s most popular children’s books will be enriched with animation, text-highlighting, narration, and educational games, appearing in The Book Club app, available in major app stores. The app will offer additional functionality to educators, including a Teacher’s Dashboard, providing teachers with the ability to organize personalized reading plans and monitor their student’s performance. This partnership will no doubt result in an innovative product in the publishing sector that will pave the way for future advancements in digital education.

The goal of our partnership is to operate a market leader interactive literacy app, incorporating a curated selection of AWCO’s titles, in the US market that will appeal to families and educators

– says Dorka Horvath, CEO of BOOKR Kids.

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