Leading Publisher Gramedia Digital launched BOOKR Class in Indonesia

Produced and Distributed By BOOKR Kids, The Fast-Growing ESL Digital Curriculum Launched February 14 On Gramedia Digital With A Live Virtual Talk Session On You Tube and Facebook Featuring Executives From Both Gramedia and BOOKR Kids
partnership with gramedia

Gramedia Digital, the largest online book retailer serving Indonesia families, has joined with Budapest-based BOOKR Kids to launch the ed-tech studio’s multi award-winning English As A Second Language (ESL) app BOOKR Class on its popular digital platform.  BOOKR Class debuted on Gramedia Digital February 14 with a lived virtual presentation on You Tube and Facebook featuring executives from both Gramedia and BOOKR Kids.

At the same time, BOOKR Class will add a vast library of Gramedia Digital-published ebooks featuring favorite Indonesian stories to its ESL digital app, with nearly 100 Gramedia ebooks expected to be available on the BOOKR Class curriculum by the end of 2024. BOOKR Class will begin with such renowned books as “The Story of Malin Kundang”, “The Legend of Senua Island” and “The Deer and the Hermit Crab,” bringing BOOKR Kids’ unparalleled animation, narration and interactive games to each Gramedia book title.

An acclaimed and multi award-winning English As A Second Language (ESL) app in daily use with over 20,000 classrooms across Europe, BOOKR Class recently made its debut in the US.  Produced and distributed worldwide by BOOKR Kids, BOOKR Class combines original animation, music, interactive games, storytelling, animated flash cards with 4,000 words and a vast library of children’s books from prestigious publishers worldwide.

Under the campaign theme Fun Family Activity at Home, the Gramedia Digital-BOOKR Kids collaboration is focused on promoting children and parenting ebooks developed especially to nurture creativity and learning for homebound families.

We are excited to partner with Gramedia Digital, a company that has set the level for quality worldwide for online bookstores. Our partnership with such a prestigious online book retailer underscores the tremendous appeal our ESL digital curriculum has for families everywhere. In addition to becoming Gramedia Digital’s go-to ESL destination, we look forward to introducing BOOKR Class students to the most beloved literary works from Indonesia that are part of the prolific publishing arm of Gramedia.

– said Dorka Horvath, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BOOKR Kids

Gramedia Digital has risen to become the #1 online book retailer by cultivating partnerships with the world’s most prominent digital publishers and delivering their high-quality works to families throughout Indonesia.  BOOKR Kids is such an innovative company, and its BOOKR Class has redefined English As A Second Language learning throughout Europe and around the world. We are extremely pleased to be offering BOOKR Class on our digital platform and to launch our most noted children’s published works on BOOKR Class.

– said Adi Ekatama, General Manager, Digital Business, Gramedia

About Gramedia

Gramedia.com is Indonesia’s largest and most complete online bookstore that provides in-demand books, stationeries, office supplies and more. The company’s “Gramedia Digital” application is the biggest digital newsstand in Indonesia where any book lover can buy, download and read more than 60,000 ebooks from various national and international publishers.

About BOOKR Kids

Launched in Budapest in 2015 by co-founders Dorka Horvath and Dani Karanyi, BOOKR Kids creates a wide array of interactive eBooks aimed at enhancing the literacy, social and cognitive skills of growing children. The ed-tech company is fast becoming globally recognized for its innovative application of animation, narration, text highlighting and games to immerse young students in a world of fun, adventure and discovery to help develop literacy skills and instill a love for reading.  In addition to developing its own original award-winning digital learning tools for the classroom, BOOKR Kids has emerged as a top global creative production resource for book publishers and educational companies seeking to create their own digital curriculum materials, from apps to full-scale digital learning platforms.  BOOKR Kids is also responsible for the BOOKR Class Digital Textbook, a breakthrough educational tool that delivers a comprehensive multimedia approach to English As A Second Language (ESL) instruction.