BOOKR Kids’ flagship app, BOOKR Class is now available in Central America (in partnership with EduTech de Centroamérica)

EduTech To Bring BOOKR Class to 9 Latin American Countries Beginning March With Live Online Webinar Featuring Executives From Both Companies
partnership with edutech

Leading European EdTech studio BOOKR Kids and top Latin  America multimedia education provider EduTech de Centroamérica have joined forces to launch BOOKR Kids’ next-generation ESL / EFL digital platform to nine countries throughout the region, including Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Dominican Republic.

Produced and distributed worldwide by BOOKR Kids and in daily use in over 2000 classrooms across Europe and the US, BOOKR Class will make its Latin  American debut in March with a live online webinar presented by Edutech for the professional educational community to be held in Spanish on March 3 at 15:00hs Central America time (-6 GMT).

BOOKR Class is recognized as the ultimate English language teaching solution that places students in an engaging curriculum that combines a vast library of 600+ graded children’s books from prestigious publishers worldwide, 2400+ interactive games and animated flashcards with over 4,000 words and – all re-imagined with animation, sound effects and character dialogue.  Designed for children from 4 to 14 years old, from beginner to intermediate level, BOOKR Class motivates English language learning and promotes incidental learning through the power.

  • The core part of the BOOKR Class curriculum, the Library offers over 600 engaging digital books and 2400 educational activities designed to interact with the student’s books, syllabus and classroom or virtual curriculum. Each title is specifically edited or written to support the needs of ESL / EFL learners.
  • BOOKR Class’ safe, ad-free and easy-to-use gamified library is available for both home and classroom use, allowing students to obtain maximum learning and retention results, in the classroom or in distance learning.  
  • The app’s Teacher Dashboard provides educators with real-time statistics to improve measurement of the student’s learning and performance.

BOOKR Kids has brought ESL learning to an entire new and exciting level of student engagement, and we are thrilled to present this extraordinary breakthrough app to kids and classrooms across Central America and LATAM in countries served by Edutech.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality technological solutions that enrich the teaching and learning process and BOOKR Kids exemplifies that commitment

– said Josué Montero, President of EduTech.

It has been a cornerstone objective of BOOKR Kids to forge an alliance with a respected Central American educational distributor to introduce our ESL / EFL digital platform to students and classrooms throughout this critical region.  We are extremely pleased to join with Edutech as our Central American partner, a company that has risen to its leadership position through innovation and dedication

– said Dorka Horvath, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BOOKR Kids.

About EduTech de Centroamérica

Headquartered in Costa Rica, EduTech de Centroamérica is a leading resource for awide range of different and innovative solutions aimed at promoting e-learning inside and outside the classroom.  With an outstanding track record of 10 years in the educational field, EduTech has maintained its commitment to offer technological solutions that enrich the teaching and learning process, developing skills and competencies of the present and future generations.

About BOOKR Kids

Launched in Budapest in 2015 by co-founders Dorka Horvath and Dani Karanyi, BOOKR Kids creates a wide array of interactive eBooks aimed at enhancing the literacy, social and cognitive skills of growing children. The ed-tech company is fast becoming globally recognized for its innovative application of animation, narration, text highlighting and games to immerse young students in a world of fun, adventure and discovery to help develop literacy skills and instill a love for reading.  In addition to developing its own original award-winning digital learning tools for the classroom, BOOKR Kids has emerged as a top global creative production resource for book publishers and educational companies seeking to create their own digital curriculum materials, from apps to full-scale digital learning platforms.  BOOKR Kids is also responsible for the BOOKR Class Digital Textbook, a breakthrough educational tool that delivers a comprehensive multimedia approach to English As A Second Language (ESL) / English as a Foreign Language (EFL) instruction.