BOOKR Kids is the new Edtech partner for Classera

BOOKR Kids has partnered with Classera as a new Distribution partner in the MENA region. As a leading digital publisher and teaching tool, BOOKR Kids offers a unique reading-based edutainment tool, designed to engage and delight the youngest learners to read English books & stories and Classera is a leading solution in helping classrooms inspire their students with Personalized Learning protocols designed to unleash hidden talent.
partnership with classera

Throughout the collaboration, BOOKR Kids’ digital, animated, interactive reading program will be integrated with Classera’s Gamified Learning Management System and will be offered to their current and future clients as a bundled solution. Classera’s system has been adopted for use in a variety of learning environments in K-12. Currently, they have reached 10 Million users just in the Middle East. 

Both companies have agreed on mutual collaboration through which they will market each other’s products and services in various markets where they have a strong presence and will maximize the value proposition for their customers.

The partnership between Classera and BOOKR Kids is mutually beneficial for both players. Classera has a strong presence in the MENA region while BOOKR Kids has a growing presence throughout the European, Asian and US regions. This partnership will amplify both parties to leverage each other’s network to benefit and maximize their individual and collective value proposition for their customers. By offering a bundled solution for BOOKR and Classera, they aim to increase their exposure and use their competitive advantage to build their presence in each other’s current and future markets.