Innovative tech tool bringing books to life and reshape K12 literacy education

Today, education is more than just lessons, storybooks, and classrooms. Today's teachers and families expect learning experiences that prepare students for a better future and provide expertise.
innovative tech tool

BOOKR Kids‘ applications help accomplish this goal in new and fun ways. BOOKR apps encourage young users to read, learn, and connect with stories. They also contribute to contemporary children’s literature and illustration trends. 

In 2019, BOOKR Kids launched its flagship product, BOOKR Class, an easy to use gamified library app to teach and improve the English language skills of its users. BOOKR Class is an app designed to teach English as a second language. It includes more than 1000 books, educational games, and flashcards. It also provides a Teacher’s Dashboard with real-time reading statistics and book assignments. BOOKR Class offers titles from the classics of world literature to original stories, songs, and more. It enhances standard English lessons with a more engaging approach. 

A recent study shows that children raised in a literacy-rich environment hear 1 million more words than children who are never read to (Ohio State University). Obviously, those children who hear 1 million fewer words than their fellows start at a huge disadvantage at school, and it makes it more difficult to pick up reading skills.

Dorka Horvath, new media expert.
innovative tech tool

2020 is the year of educational technology. Educators and students have become more reliant on technology than ever before. With the transition to this online learning environment, there has been a surge in the number of edtech solutions. BOOKR Kids focuses on interactive education, and the BOOKR Class app is designed for learning English as a second language, unlike its competitors.  

What makes BOOKR different from its competitors?

  1. BOOKR’s methodology has been validated by European Universities (ELTE, SZTE, BCE).
  2. Animated e-books for students. 
  3. Interactive learning methods. 
  4. Native-speaker narrations.
  5. Text highlighting. 
  6. Educational games. 
  7. Teacher’s Dashboard with a virtual classroom.
  8. Live statistics and supplementary materials for teachers. 
  9. Lessons plans, activity tips, and reading plans for teachers.

Founders, new media expert Dorka Horvath, and her entrepreneur husband, Dani Karanyi, believe that literacy is one of the most crucial development areas in K-12 education. It is essential for reading comprehension, critical thinking, creativity and cognitive and social-emotional skills. They founded the award-winning edtech startup BOOKR Kids in 2015 with the vision of creating a bridge between storybooks and screens. 

bookr kids startup

BOOKR Kids’ different narratives and interactive methods have proved to be efficient, and hence they decided to launch BOOKR Class. Today, teachers require high-quality digital materials. BOOKR Class came to life using the proven methodology and unique features and format in order to improve English language skills, vocabulary, grammar, creativity, reading comprehension, and social-emotional skills.

If a child has a low level of ability to interpret text, both in terms of decoding and understanding the text, he or she usually compensates by using other cognitive processes while reading. Thus, if you are unable to use automatic text recognition, you can activate an additional “knowledge base,” such as calling additional illustrations to help interpret the context. If these illustrations are also moving, they can stimulate additional receptors and be even more effective at supporting the extra resource. Researchers also argue that interactive books enhance reading comprehension because the range of functions can be so rich that the child can benefit from the most appropriate and least energy-consuming compensation process. So personalization and differentiated education can also be achieved.

Dorka Horvath, new media expert

Growing up with publisher parents and being a young mother-to-be, Dorka wanted the love of reading to inspire her child, just like other children. But the world is changing, and young generations need smart and interactive solutions to read and learn. With BOOKR, she launched an innovative solution to connect beautiful literature and engaging digital books to foster the love for reading among children. 

BOOKR Kids is in partnership with Oxford University Press. After a year of negotiations, they signed a contract with Oxford University Press, one of the world’s best-known textbook publishers, allowing BOOKR to digitize and redraw a selection of classic stories specially adapted for English learning, such as the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

BOOKR Class is recognized as an official textbook in Hungary, BOOKR Class is recognized as an official textbook in Hungary, and more than 100,000 Hungarian students are using the app. BOOKR Kids also has educational partners in Turkey, Greece, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, and the US. BOOKR’s revenue in 2019 was $500,000, and it is expected to increase to around $1 million in 2020.

BOOKR Kids recently disclosed €2 million in new funding and a further €2 million in convertible notes. The round is led by Bonitas, a Private VC owned by Sándor Csányi (the only Hungarian member of the Forbes World’s Billionaires list).