BOOKR Kids Wins GESS Dubai Award In Best Paid App Category

GESS Dubai Award Honors Most Outstanding Educational Products, Resources and Services For The Modern Classroom.

BOOKR Kids has won the GESS Dubai Award for the company’s BOOKR Class digital app. An acclaimed and multi-award-winning English as A Second Language (ESL) app launched in October in the U.S. and in daily use within over 20,000 classrooms across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, BOOKR Class was awarded in the Best Paid App category by GESS Dubai in a ceremony held November 15 at the GESS Talks Arena in the GESS Dubai Conference Center.  

Presented by GESS Dubai in association with the Dubai Ministry of Education, the GESS Awards ranks among the most prestigious educational conferences in the Middle East.  The highlight of the 2-day conference and exposition, the Dubai GESS Award recognizes the most outstanding educational products, resources and services for the modern classroom and aims to encourage the raising of educational services and product standards throughout the industry.  

Fully produced in-house by BOOKR Kids, the BOOKR Class digital app combines original animation, music, interactive games, storytelling, animated flashcards with 4,000 words and a vast library of children’s books from prestigious publishers including Oxford University Press, Albert Whitman & Company and Blue Apple Publishing to deliver a first-of-its-kind ESL tool for both classroom and home use.  Organized in multiple levels that specifically address all age groups from kindergarten through eighth grade, BOOKR Class immerses the child in a wide range of activities and experiences beyond the scope of traditional instruction that promotes learning the English vocabulary and structure via the app’s diverse interactive elements.  The app also enables teachers to continuously measure each child’s reading ability, by employing Lexile® Framework for Reading learning measurement technology.  

According to BOOKR Kids Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dorka Horvath, BOOKR Class underscores the unique effectiveness of ability digital media as ESL learning tools for the classroom.  “We are extremely pleased to be recognized by GESS Dubai for our ESL app.  Taking language learning to the next levels of interactivity and effectiveness, BOOKR Class is created to meet the needs of today’s students who are constantly connected to the digital world.  Because of the vast array of the app’s interactive elements, concentration and comprehension are greatly increased,” said Dorka Horvath.

About BOOKR Kids:

Launched in Budapest in 2015 by co-founders Dorka Horvath and Dani Karanyi, BOOKR Kids creates a wide array of interactive eBooks aimed at enhancing the literacy, social and cognitive skills of growing children. The ed-tech company is fast becoming globally recognized for its innovative application of animation, narration, text highlighting and games to immerse young students in a world of fun, adventure and discovery to help develop literacy skills and instill a love for reading.  In addition to developing its own original award-winning digital learning tools for the classroom, BOOKR Kids has emerged as a top global creative production resource for book publishers and educational companies seeking to create their own digital curriculum materials, from apps to full-scale digital learning platforms.  BOOKR Kids is also responsible for the BOOKR Class Digital Textbook, a breakthrough educational tool that delivers a comprehensive multimedia approach to English As A Second Language (ESL) instruction.

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