BOOKR Class Named an Official Textbook for K12 by Hungarian Educational Authority

BOOKR Class, an app for teaching and learning English as a second language is currently the first and only official cloud-based teaching material on the Hungarian list of approved textbooks.
BOOKR Class Named an Official Textbook

Following a strict professional evaluation and due to comprehensive methodological documentation, the Educational Authority of Hungary has named BOOKR Class, our English as a Second Language teaching aid an official textbook. BOOKR Class is the first cloud-based tool that has made it to the accredited and approved list of teaching materials that public schools can pick from.

The BOOKR Class digital textbook is a 2-in-1 solution: an easy-to-use gamified, leveled English library application for students, and  a teacher’s dashboard displaying real-time statistics about the students’ reading habits and performances, with additional information about the library’s content, and supporting materials like teacher guides, recommended classroom or project activities, supplementary visual materials and printable worksheets. As it has been created by teachers who are very familiar with the commonly used textbooks, BOOKR Class was designed to complement these textbooks’ curriculum with authentic multimedia materials which provide context for the learned language, and give students the joy of using a foreign language.

Read more about our Methodology here.

Our work in developing and fine-tuning our methodology has been greatly helped by the support of Eötvös Loránd University, the University of Szeged, and Corvinus University.

Children today read less frequently than any previous generation and 27% of them are functionally illiterate. I believe that reading is more important now than ever. The ability to understand analogies, figurative meanings and emotional aspects is what can differentiate us from computers and AI technology. That is why we created BOOKR Kids, a reading-based edutainment tool to delight young learners in reading. According to the latest large-scale university research, BOOKR Kids is able to develop and improve reading comprehension skills by 20% and results have shown that 98% of the kids LOVE reading with us.

– said Dorka Horvath, CEO and Co-Founder of BOOKR Kids.

Currently, more than 40,000 students in Hungary use our solution on a daily basis.

Our goal has remained the same since the beginning: to create a useful, beautiful and high-quality educational platform to make reading a habit. This recognition by the Educational Authority means that all public school students in Hungary now have the opportunity to enjoy learning a new language with us.