Make reading a habit

BOOKR Kids inspires a love of reading whilst boosting literacy, social-emotional and cognitive skills through interactive e-books.

Learning through fun

Learning through fun

Our solution for schools

Give your school a competitive edge in this digital age with our forward-thinking technology. Your students will love learning, engage better and progress much faster with the BOOKR app and you’ll love teaching with our user-friendly Teacher’s Dashboard.

  • engaging digital content for children
  • reduced preparation time for teachers
  • easy to use in the classroom and at home

Our solution for publishers

We help publishing houses enter the digital space by digitalising your content and creating a fun, engaging user experience. We’ll make your app outstanding in the industry saving you the resources needed to create your own development team.

  • validated market-ready solution
  • proven researched methodology
  • monetizing already existing content


BOOKR Kids helps children develop better first and second language skills using engaging technology and fun reading activities and games.

The methodology

BOOKR is designed for teachers by teachers. To help children reach their full potential, BOOKR follows a proven researched methodology. We’ve designed the texts and activities to be used for individual and classroom learning. The illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but don’t distract from reading. And the educational games practise the linguistic elements in a focused, fun and entertaining way.


Our format engages children and holds their attention.


Designed to be suitable for all learning abilities.


Creates a fun classroom environment where children love learning


Provides an equal opportunity for learning and development for all children. BOOKR is for everyone.


98% of the students loved reading with BOOKR.


Students using digital books performed 20% better on reading comprehension exercises.

Further references

BOOKR Kids is a fantastic tool for bringing classic and contemporary, print and digital together, and a perfect way to introduce literature, reading and language learning to kids who are fully digitalized and so reachable only through the screens.


Owner and CEO of Mora Publishing House

BOOKR Kids team obviously knows exactly what the youngest readers and their parents are looking for, and offer the best solution tailored to their needs.


Chairman of the Board and CEO of Albatros Media Group

BOOKR is like hot chocolate on a rainy day. It is the Hygge of EdTech. Wide-eyed curious and wholesome, this is an environment that my Jane (7) can be left with to immerse and sail on, safe from the noisy dopamine hype that dominates children's screen time.


Education Advisor

Entertaining and motivating kids in our digital age is not an easy mission especially not in the classroom. I think BOOKR solves this problem in a very special and effective way.


Founder of World Education Week

The BOOKR team were able to provide an easy to use, scalable, and innovative solution to bring Albert Whitman’s collection of storied titles to families and schools in the form of a multimedia App while protecting our valued intellectual property.


President at Albert Whitman & Company